Nursing Home "Kombatant" was built at the initiative of veteran environments with strong government support. A special agreement between the Minister and the Governor in Ciechanow give weight to specific projects and reciprocal effect on the profile of the House.

widok z ulicy Batalionów Chłopskich

The House is designed for the elderly and chronic somatic diseased people (priority for combatant).

Great percent of the residents come from the North of this region. The main purpose of our institution is to save from oblivion the fate of individuals, improve their health, and create conditions for cooperation of all Ciechanów county veteran environments. We are improving functionality of the object to adapt it for the new tasks, especially rehabilitation and medical assistance.

Housing conditions

"Kombatant" is located in a residential area "Aleksandrówka", on the Batalionów Chłopskich Street. Residents have good connections with public transport (bus stops are located nearby or just outside the building).

The House is surrounded by a green area with lawns, shrubs, trees and flowers. All this allows to keep in touch with nature.

In our two three-story buildings we have 74 single and double rooms and 10 rooms for married people, every with separate balcony. The House has at its disposal a 102-seat dining room placed by 6-seat tables (great among is adapted to be accessed by disabled residents).

Furnishings: wardrobe with storage space, dresser, TV stand, couch or bed, table, chair, bedside cabinet, shoe cabinet, hangers and a mirror in the hallway. Each apartment is equipped with shower (ground floors) and bath (I and II floor), mirror, sink, hair dryer, bathroom cabinet and, if necessary, additional equipment such as brackets, supports in the toilet or bathing stools.

People arrange their rooms with own housing items such as TV or radio receivers, refrigerators, sofas, chairs, cordless kettles, paintings and carpets.

For disabled people there are adapted passenger lifts with emergency telephone system connected with building security. Elevators provide automatic information telling stories about the order in view of the impaired.

Residents have free telephones, also.

On every floor there is a kitchen, where everyone can prepare meals for himself.

Meals are served three times a day:

  • breakfast 800 - 1000
  • lunch 1300 - 1500
  • dinner 1700 - 1900

The House has well-equipped kitchen.

There is also a laundry room, drying room and sewing room.

We also offer access to a library with a reading room, occupational therapy room, TV studio, a chapel, café and shop.

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