Therapy room is opened from 7:30 am to 19:00 pm and it offers different types of activities: embroidery, crocheting, doing variety of techniques, creating toys, weaving bedspreads and rugs, small repairs, alterations clothes.

Meeting room at the library or therapy are not only for the exchange of books, but also it provide an opportunity to establish contact with the employee and roommate, the possibility of an agreement. Sometimes, the needlework are kept in the closet and on the table there is a cup of coffee, cookies and that is how parties start. People are bringing their memories, they joke, sing, make plans for the future. Sometimes they open up and talk about theirs anxieties. Not looking for advice. They just need someone to listen. The main problem is the lack of contact with their families.

Many residents need to stay in touch with the nature. In each balcony owners plant flowers, etc. to make their environment nicer. Moreover, beautiful garden outside our building is comfortable for walking.

Every week from June to October, we organize a one-day trips. People mostly decide where they want to go and how they wiould like get there.

The „House” co-works with several schools in Ciechanów. Children prepare artistic programs to celebrate Christmas, Women's Day, Grandparents Day, Independence Day and other public holidays.

Nursing Home "Kombatant" publishes the journal "Wiarus", which is edited by workers and residents. It is a newspaper about people living in the house and it’s moving things about the people who live in and work here. We can read about biographies of veterans, documentation biographies, life house and important events.

There are several ways to spend your time here. Regular and occasional activities, celebrations, meetings, etc... You can find out about them all from information calendar placed on the doors to the rooms.

Residents can be divided into several groups. The group of thirty people spend time preparing cultural events. These individuals are involved in the activities of the choir, productions, small forms of cabaret. Some of them write poems and articles for the newspaper published by „Kombatant”. Others dance and participate in games, contests, festivals and concerts.

Some group of women frequently occupy therapy room, where they are painting, making decorations, toys, clothes, etc., or taking part in cooking classes, preparing cakes, salads and desserts.

We have also a group of readers (about 30 people), groups of 30 people participating in one-day trips during summer.

About 20 people meet once or twice a month, usually on Saturday or Sunday, and they sing and recite songs from their youth.

Residents often meet with their families, do shopping and cook. Sometimes they are taking part in concerts, events as spectators.

Another form of activating the social life is to act in the Council of Residents and veterans associations. Board members are involved in designing kitchen menu or planning trips.

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